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The new season for your wardrobe? It’s green, not winter!

Posted on 27 August 2009

So you’re back from some wonderful Mediterranean holiday, and can’t bear to part from your linen frocks and jewel sandals. Sadly though, September is just around the corner, some things will have to go, and some other come back out.

Surely, the thought of tackling your wardrobe for the turn of season is not exciting – probably just because nobody showed you the liberating and rewarding side of it.

How about getting to the bottom of it – and rediscovering some long-forgotten pieces that might just do for you again. How about freeing some space from useless, no longer wearable items and making your closet look like a boutique – well organised and displayed, only you are the exclusive customer, and everything comes right in your size!

Rewardrobe logo
Still don’t know where to start? Just get an expert to do it for you. That’s right. Wardrobe management can be just for you – gone are the days where it was a whim for rich shopaholics and celebrities.

So much so that Rewardrobe, the latest Wardrobe Management and Image Consultancy in London, actually are Slow Wear advisors. Far from the spending excesses of fad-following fashionistas, they will actually encourage you to make the most of your existing wardrobe, weeding it until everything that’s left is perfect on you, and then styling it to match your true personal image.

Feel guilty about shopping now? Not at all – Rewardrobe will give you a fulfilling and rewarding experience, not make you feel guilty about your choices.

You can say yes to more shopping, only with a different approach. Rewardrobe’s aim is to give you a new awareness, and work with you towards a more responsible style. So your shopping will never again be on an impulse, but you will go for quality materials, ethical labels, natural fibres and brands that come with a guarantee for sustainable sources / fair-trade practices / quality trademarks.

Rewardrobe hanger image
And that’s not all. When you finally have that much needed wardrobe weeding, what are you going to do with the pieces you no longer want? Rewardrobe can help you here, too. With their thorough Upcycle scheme, all your items will be given a second lease of life – donated to trusted charitable organisations, swapped, or recycled. Rewardrobe do not believe in dumping! The most innovative option is to give some pieces away to some of London’s quirkiest young designers, who work on reconstructed fashion and will accept textiles to incorporate them into their creative process.

And all those beautiful things actually left in your newly styled wardrobe? We surely want you to make the most of them – treating them with care all the way through. That’s why Rewardrobe can advise you on the most delicate natural detergents, the best traditional methods to wash and avoid chemical dry cleaning, the most efficient tips for seasonal and daily clothes storage, and lots more.

So yes, we might be going for winter, but how about the rewarding feeling of starting the new season with a new, spotless, and sustainable ‘slow wear’ wardrobe? That would almost make me yearn for my scarf and gloves!

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Article by Veronica Crespi. Contact her at

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