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Green Nightclub Opening in NY

Posted on 03 October 2007

With the strapline ‘ – a new approach to nightlife‘ the first ever eco-friendly nightclub GREENHOUSE NYC celebrates it’s launch tonight in Paris.

Greenhouse NYC - The first eco nightclub launch party in ParisThe Greenhouse NYC nightclub is due to open in New York City this winter but the launch party tonight sets the ball rolling with host models Carmen Kass and Jessica Stam and music by DJs Jus Ske, Ani Quinn and Sal Morale.

The club’s website address is and has a ‘coming soon’ page for now but there are contact details if you want to find out more about the celebrations tonight or the nightclub itself.

Good luck to everyone at GREENHOUSE NYC and have a fantastic Paris party tonight!

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This post was written by:

Vicky - who has written 234 posts on Green Girls Global Blog.

Vicky coordinates the GGG blogs and is co-founder of the ethical website design team Make Hay. Make Hay build beautiful, accessible websites and provide a green website hosting service run on wind power. Vicky is involved with a local Fairtrade campaign group and loves crafts, design, animals and nature

9 Comments For This Post

  1. RemyC says:

    “first ever eco-friendly nightclub” is not quite true. The folks opening this space don’t have the history, and should revise their slogan… because Wetlands was the first ever eco-friendly nightclub in New York… opened in 1989, closed in 2001. It’s now the topic of a documentary making the rounds of film festivals Never the less, it’s nice to see club folks embrace the green trend. They simply need to call it the “second” ever eco-friendly nightclub.

  2. Vicky says:

    Thanks for clarifying that Remy. Shame that Wetlands closed down.

    GGG wish the second ever eco-friendly nightclub all the best. Let’s hope there are many more to follow!

  3. Kary says: – a new approach to nightlife‘ wow a eco-friendly nightclub, that is cool!

  4. OutandAbout says:

    Seriously, this it the most retarded idea I ever heard. Talk about cliche. Nothing is worse than brands that market themselves as eco-friendly to generate media attention. Way to save the world GreenHouse nightclub, you’ve done it, your eco friendly nightclub, with the idling Cadillac Escalades outside are going to save us all. Seriously, whoever own this place is a complete douche bag. I can picture the dumb ass that came up with this idea, driving down the New Jersey Turnpike, throwing a cigarette butt out of his hummer window and saying to himself… yeah, I’ll do a eco-friendly nightclub. Complete Jackass.

  5. Vicky says:

    OutandAbout – Another way you could look at it is that anything that anyone is doing to reduce their carbon emissions is a positive thing. Its easy to sit on a pedestal but much harder to bring green into the mainstream.

  6. charmaine says:

    Will The Shelter be able to continue with its late night Saturday/early mornin Sunday weekly house music session!!!!!!!!??????????

  7. bummedclubgoer says:

    I JUST CAME BACK FROM THERE. All of the plants there are FAKE and PLASTIC. I felt them to see if they were real, and much to my dismay, they were NOT. This is definitely NOT “eco friendly” as advertised. There was no “waterfall” or “live green plants sprouting from the ceiling”. The sound was way too loud and the music was not very good either… I mean Marilyn Mason followed by some rap song?

    And I don’t know what was up with the crowd either. There was some awful glam rock band playing as well. The whole scene just made me cringe.

  8. JEM says:

    Hey Remy, just so you know, Wetland Preserve was never branded as an eco friendly building or club so if in fact Greenhouse does become LEED certified, it will be New York’s “first ever eco-friendly nightclub”. Wetlands was simply run by or associated with an activist group and used proceeds & performances to raise awareness.

  9. Adam Weissman says:

    Jem’s comment is not accurate.

    Wetlands was indeed focused on being an environmentally sustainable venue. Wetlands had strict social and environmentally responsible purchasing policies on all products sold. Much of the wood in the space was second-hand– including the bar. Paper products were recycled, cleaning products were eco-friendly, everything possible was recylced, bottles were returned to manufacturers, and plastics were avoided — recycled paper was even used for drinking straws!

    The space was also heavily committed to environmental education –large chunks of the club space was devoted to environmental publications, displays, and petitions in an area called the Earthstation. Every Tuesday night Wetlands held free educational events called Ecosaloons. Ecosalloons featured films on environmental issues, activist guest speakers, letterwriting to elected officials, and announcements of upcoming environmental events.

    The management team that took over Wetlands in 1997 was not as committed to Wetlands’ environmental principles as the original ownership team, and during that era, some of the in-house environmental policies weren’t followed as strongly as under the previous ownership. But Wetlands never abandoned those policies altogether and the Activism Center at Wetlands Preserve continued until the day Wetlands closed — and beyond!

    After the club closed, the Activism Center became the Wetlands Activism Collective and continued as an a volunteer-run non-profit organization that is active to this day. Visit our website at

    Oh, and by the way, Remy knows what he’s talking about when he comes to Wetlands — he was Wetlands’ original environmental director!

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