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The Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Posted on 03 December 2009

The Institute for Responsible Technology has launched a new website for all those Americans (more than 50% of the population) who said they would avoid GMO enhanced food if it was labeled.  It’s called the Non-GMO Shopping guide. Polls show 9 out of 10 Americans want GMOs labled, the US does NOT require labeling!  What [...]

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Review: Beyond Organic Skincare

Posted on 23 February 2008

I’m a yo-yo organic skincare products user, fluctuating between just not being able to afford it and then feeling after all that its well worth the extra cost. Every time I go back to organic moisturisers and face creams I remember the difference they make to your skin and how it feels – lighter, fresher [...]

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A breath of fresh air

Posted on 31 January 2008

Whenever I get time I like to check out other green blogs and recently I came across one called Green Unlimited which is run by three sisters. They talk about the latest green products, environmental news, and also about the steps they are taking in living greener lifestyles. One of their latest posts was about an [...]

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California Joins the EU!

Posted on 26 October 2007

Well not exactly!  What I mean is our governor has signed legislation prohibiting the use of phthalates in child care products for those 3 years and under.  This ban has already been in place in the EU so it’s about time the USA (well at least one state) finally followed their lead.  Other states are expected [...]


Guest Editors: Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers – Budget Stretching Advice for Organic Foods

Posted on 03 September 2007

By weight, a baby will eat more, drink more, and even breathe more air than an adult. This means what you feed your baby (or child) has a much greater impact than it would have on you. Most people would love to go “all organic” with their food choices. Who really wants the pesticides, hormones [...]

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Caution on “black” henna tattoos

Posted on 30 July 2007

On a recent trip to Croatia, my daughters saw a vendor of Henna tatoos-  In the lazy summer sun, it seemed like an innocent enough souvenir to take home.  I missed the sign about the “Electric Black” Henna and said yes.   So just in case you didn’t know, like me,  there is no such thing [...]

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Natural Sanitary Products

Posted on 14 June 2007

The following information was provided by Emily Dawson at Natracare. Most proprietary brands of sanitary pads, liners and tampons contain many synthetic materials that many women are unaware of. For instance, in sanitary pads you might expect to find cotton but what you get is polypropylene, polyacrylates, surfactants, plastic and chlorine-bleached wood pulp as well [...]

Cut carbon and calories!

Posted on 07 April 2007

All this week I have been surrounded by a virtuous and, I must confess, rather smug glow thanks to a new discovery: Brighton & Hove Council’s journey planner website, Journey On. Following on neatly from Arcadia’s post below, this excellent innovative website allows you to count the carbon, the calories and the cost of your daily [...]


Green candles

Posted on 26 February 2007

For a while I’ve been trying to stick to buying natural wax candles, with a fairly good degree of success.  According to the New Scientist, they are better for us and for the planet.  The other week I bought a petroleum wax candle in a sale and I really did notice the difference, more smoky [...]

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Love keeps you young

Posted on 24 February 2007

A National Public Radio story on the Art of Aging confirms my thesis about the importance of making love sustainable. According to Dr. Sherwin Nuland, a professor at Yale University’s Medical School,  the three most important factors to graceful aging are a consistent exercise program, tapping into creative impulses and sustaining the intimate relationships that [...]

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