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Win free tickets & pamper session at the Eco Chic Wedding & Home Show

Posted on 02 March 2009

Ethical Weddings and GreenFinder would love to invite you to our first ever Eco Chic Wedding & Home Show on Sunday 8 March. To make sure we see some Green Girls there, we’re giving away 25 pairs of free tickets plus 3 free pamper treatments courtesy of Stuart at to be enjoyed on the [...]

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What Happened When I Broke My #1 Green Parenting Rule

Posted on 22 October 2008

Being a parent and trying to live ethically can mean you’re constantly stumbling across new dilemmas. Whether you’re checking ingredients in the shops, making decisions over Christmas presents or deciding how to wash your laundry, the choices seem endless. And the thing with wanting to be as green as we can is that those of [...]


Love is the cure as well as the illness…

Posted on 05 July 2008

Recently, after I reviewed another book on greening the fashion world, the publisher sent me a note saying that she had seen my site and was going send me another new book she thought I would be interested in: Sex Secrets of Porn Stars. I wondered if she had actually read anything on my [...]

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Great Summer Reads to Wake up Your Sex Life

Posted on 18 June 2008

When I think of summer, I have this picture of long lazy days by the water,  listening for the distant voices of my children while I wander off into a great book,  quietly stepping into some new ways of thinking or sharing in the stories of life that change us just by hearing them.   Ana [...]

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Living in Gravity

Posted on 06 June 2008

I was in our local hospital emergency room the other night.  I was comforting my 10 year old daughter awaiting a surgical repair to her broken and dislocated arm.   All the rooms were full with some degree of trauma and pain.   This is not exceptional, emergency room visits occur over 114 million times a year [...]

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A hand-made, eco wedding update

Posted on 27 April 2008

Well, Jez and I are now back from honeymoon and back to reality and our wedding day, although only two weeks ago, now seems like a distant happy memory. Wow, it flew by so past but that’s probably because we had such a fantastic time! This post is just going to be brief but after [...]

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Love on Earth

Posted on 26 April 2008

Not long ago, after agreeing to review another book for GGG on greening the fashion world, the publisher sent me a note saying that after reviewing my site, she was also going to send another  new release that she thought I would be interested in; “Sex Secrets of Porn Stars”.    I wondered if she [...]


Planning a hand-made, eco wedding

Posted on 09 April 2008

As mine and Jez‘s big day approaches and most of the preparations in place I thought I would steal a little time to reflect and share my experience in planning our eco and ethical wedding. Right from the start we wanted our wedding to reflect our everyday values and beliefs, how we live and work. [...]

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Regenerating your life- start in your bedroom

Posted on 06 April 2008

Walking into your bedroom should make your heart rate slow down.  It should be the place where you sigh deeply and your whole body relaxes.  The bedroom is your nest.  A singular  space that both regenerates you on a cellular level every night as you sleep and provides the environment and impetus for physical intimacy.  [...]


Life Cycle of Love

Posted on 20 February 2008

It isn’t just “in your head” anymore, an international study of two million people from over 70 countries confirms what many of us have always assumed: the happiest times in our life span make a “U” and with the “up times” early and late in life. In the middle of the dip are our middle [...]

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