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Traditional Medicinal Gets Wild

Posted on 07 December 2009

I drink a tea from the Traditional Medicinal tea company everyday!  I’m slightly allergic to coffee, which is horrible here in America as that is our national beverage next to beer; so my warm beverage for the morning commute is tea.  I like the Traditional Medicinal tea brand for what I feel to be REAL [...]

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Playing fair

Posted on 22 March 2008

Raising my boys on healthy doses of competitive sports over the years, I have had many opportunities to talk about what it means to have a game feel fair, regardless of win or loss. Teaching young players a healthy respect for their teammates, their opponents and the opportunity to do their best is what most [...]

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Fair Trade Fortnight

Posted on 25 February 2008

Today sees the start of Fair Trade fortnight. There’s more to Fair Trade than just food. It’s not just bananas, cocoa and coffee; Fair Trade can apply to clothes and even toys. It’s about partnership with the suppliers in developing countries, making sure they get a fair price for their products, whilst ensuring decent working [...]

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Fair Trade Matters

Posted on 17 September 2007

This is a bit of a mixed-bag post about a few fair trade items I wanted to share… MY FAIRTRADE This is a new networking website set up by the Fairtrade Foundation. It gives all of us the opportunity to share news and ideas about supporting fair trade. I’ll definitely add something on there about [...]

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fairtrade on festivals

Posted on 03 July 2007

I haven’t been able to find the link – but in the programme of Roskilde Festival they claim that there’s a whole area of green and fairtrade (due to the weather for the next couple of days I will join the mud girls global instead of green girls global) at the festival. the area is [...]

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Fashion Made Fair

Posted on 07 March 2007

Hurrah! Fashion Made Fair is coming to Brighton! When we lived in London, we loved getting the chance at the Old Truman Brewery off Brick Lane to see our favourite fair trade fashion come out of the catalogue and onto the clothes hanger.  So I was thrilled to see a poster announcing that Green Threads was bringing the [...]

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Fairtrade in the Borough of Gedling

Posted on 27 February 2007

I was attending a meeting in the Gedling Borough Council building today and something caught my eye which made me vary happy indeed. In the reception was a stall promoting Fairtrade and announcing that the Borough of Gedling is aiming for Fairtrade town status. This means that after the City of Nottingham it will be [...]


All’s fair trade in love and marriage!

Posted on 23 February 2007

To celebrate this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight (26 Feb – 11 March), Alex Prince, my colleague at Ethical Weddings, has set herself the challenge of finding a different fair trade wedding item for every day of the Fairtrade Fortnight. While The Times reported yesterday that overall marriages had dropped dramatically from 2004-2005, the interest in ethical [...]

How was it for you?

Posted on 02 January 2007

Well, after a bit of a break while my husband and I shuttled around the South of England visiting the various members of our family for the festive season, I’m back and ready for a Christmas debrief! I’m intrigued to know how other green givers got on with the annual shopping frenzy and am happy [...]


One World Christmas Fayre

Posted on 25 November 2006

Today Nottingham held its 2006 One World Christmas Fayre and it’s events like this that give me that warm ready brek glow. Seeing the lovely people of Nottingham selling organic and fair trade goods, home made yummy veggie food and campaigning for peace and human rights all under one roof. Held at the YMCA on [...]

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