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Green Jobs Need People

Posted on 07 November 2009

I’ve been a way for quite some time as work projects came over me like a waterfall!  I started teaching construction classes at the college level and my own company gained many new contracts, all I had time for was work, sleep, and eat! Some of you may ask, how are you so busy when [...]

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The Cool Kids Are Conscious!

Posted on 08 January 2008

Kids nowadays have so many more options than we ever did, and so many more people reaching out to them in an effort to help them realize their dreams!  One such group is the team over at the website  They are a non-profit group here in the US set out to empower students and [...]

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Environmental Studies – part 1

Posted on 11 November 2007

Knowledge is power. This is why I have started an Open University degree in Environmental Studies.  Through the various modules I will gain a deeper understanding of environmental issues and the science behind them.  This knowledge will then hopefully provide me with the credentials and power to become proactively involved in tackling environmental and conservation issues.  [...]

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Mariels Green Village

Posted on 30 October 2007

Today’s children will be tomorrow’s decision makers, thus it is important to provide them with the opportunities to learn about climate change, the environment and sustainable living. In the UK, thanks to organisations such as Young Peoples Trust for the Environment, the Wildlife Trusts and many other organisations this is being achieved. Young children are [...]

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Posted on 15 September 2007

I actually started laughing when I first read the press release for this – First Dr. Seuss gave us Whoville (and don’t forget the The Lorax!) now someone else has given us Whyville!  Whyville is geared for kids but adults can play and learn too.  It’s a big virtual world that teaches kids about social, [...]

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Green Education – Petition the PM

Posted on 28 April 2007

Following on nicely from Andy’s article below about getting a career in the environment sector here’s a thought about environment in the classroom. Lead by our good friend Tracey Smith from National Downshifting Week is a petition to the Prime Minister asking for lessons on how to lead a green and sustainable lifestyle to be incorporated into the national curriculum. Here’s [...]

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Progressive Kid

Posted on 03 March 2007

Now I’m not actually a parent myself but I do tend to find myself worrying about how to teach a child (perhaps one day) about the world. My partner and I marvel at what an amazing and scary responsibility it is to be the main input on a little person’s life for many years and [...]


Proper Education

Posted on 16 February 2007

A GGG reader has pointed my attention to a music video which is in the UK charts right now and has such a positive message it has to be worth a mention. The Eric Prydz vs Floyd ‘Proper Education’ video was created in partnership with Global Cool. Global Cool are an organisation who work with [...]


peace promoting principles

Posted on 04 February 2007

Victoria Visser has posted the 12 principles of peace on her blog they were originally mentioned by a visionary called Baha’u’llah in the middle of the 19th century – but here is basically what it states : -Equality of rights for men and women. Until this happens, there is little chance for peace to develop. [...]


Get sussed!

Posted on 06 December 2006 commissioned a great interactive game about sustainability, particularly housing.  It’s aimed at 9-13 year olds but I think I might give it a go myself as it looks like fun.  It’s called mysusthouse and the aim is to build a home that is as sustainable as possible, all within a £100,000 budget.  The game [...]


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