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Nottingham’s “lifeline to the natural world”

Posted on 16 June 2009

When Sir David Attenborough opened the Attenborough Nature Centre in 2005 he described it as “a lifeline to the natural world“. Go there and you will understand. Living in the city it is easy to feel disconnected from nature, craving the peace and tranquility of open spaces and fresh air in your lungs. So, who [...]

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Breakfast on the beach with a sprinkling of poetry

Posted on 03 March 2009

This morning, I woke to the birds singing and sunlight pouring into my bedroom. What a great day, I thought to connect with nature. So I made a packed breakfast comprising peppermint tea and lots of fruit and set off to the West Beach Nature Reserve. I went past the busy main road, across the [...]

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How buns make great green pets

Posted on 29 January 2009

This week is National Rabbit Week ( and to mark the occasion I thought I’d share my experience of how rabbits can make great green pets. I always think that rabbits are misunderstood little creatures who aren’t given the credit they deserve as sociable and intelligent animals and the high levels of care they need [...]

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Barkotti, a doggie biscotti review

Posted on 17 October 2008

Meet Manson, Dylan and Ozzi aka ‘The Lovely Boys’ and my gourmet guests for this doggie biscotti review. So, let me tell you about this special dog biscuit, cutely named ‘Barkotti’. The canine companion treat by Dr Harvey’s is handmade using only natural and organic ingredients. It boasts an impressive list of qualities which, it [...]

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Japan dolphin day 2008 and some food for thought

Posted on 07 September 2008

In London on Wednesday 3rd September, as a representative of the fantastic organisation Campaign Whale, I joined one of the 25 peaceful protests taking place outside Japanese Embassies around the world. Various animal welfare organisations joined forces and together united, protested against Japans continued slaughter of around 20,000 small cetaceans (dolphins, porpoises and small whales) [...]

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It’s time for chickens…

Posted on 16 July 2008

Maybe I’m nuts, but the boys (3 and 1!) and I have decided it’s time to get some chickens. As long as the landlord agrees! We’ve got plenty of space in the garden for them to cluck around and a stable that would keep them safe at night. We’ve even got friends who have offered [...]

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Lyme Bay Saved

Posted on 12 July 2008

Lyme Bay Reefs on the Devon / Dorset coast is one of the UK’s finest marine wildlife sites and thanks to a successful campaign conducted by the Wildlife Trusts in conjunction with excellent support from members of the public, an area of 60sq miles has been protected from commercial scallop dredging. I first reported about [...]

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Save our seals

Posted on 14 June 2008

When I watch wildlife documentaries I love to see playful seals and I would love to take part in a seal watching expedition in Scotland or even on the South East Coast of England (Margate in Kent is becoming a hot spot for seal spotting). However these popular marine mammals which help attract wildlife tourists [...]

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Nature’s Baby Boom

Posted on 25 May 2008

This is the most amazing time of year, everywhere you look there’s new life. Flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are preparing their nests, tiny rabbit kittens graze on the grassy roadsides – there is ‘ahhh factor’ galore! Even in our own back garden we’ve had some special babies this year. For the first time [...]

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Balloon Litter

Posted on 04 May 2008

I have to admit it but we don’t have the best view from our front room window. In fact for lovely leafy Leamington it’s perhaps not the best view or most typical of our town. I live opposite a car show room that has flags flying in the daytime, lights glaring at night time and [...]

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