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Bring you own campaign

Posted on 24 January 2007

My pet hate is needless waste so I was pleased to see the Independent’s campaign to stop unnecessary packaging especially that of the plastic kind. I came across a great website the other day called Bring your own It has a host of amazing statistics and frightening information relating to plastic pollution but also offers advice for everyone on how to reduce the waste and encourages the principle of reuse. The website offers solutions on how to cut the consumption of disposable cups and bags and promotes the idea of ‘bringing your own’ cups and bags when shopping and visiting coffee shops and cafes. Not wishing to blow my own trumpet but I do pride myself on remembering to take spare bags when shopping and it’s something I have been brought up to do (thanks mum), but in the last few weeks particularly when travelling on trains I have been very guilty of buying tea in those horrible disposable cups. The idea of taking a small flask out with you is great when commuting and I’m sure if more people did it it would become the norm. I am definitely going to pledge to ‘bring my own cup’ anyone other green girls or guys willing to make the pledge……

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Kate - who has written 30 posts on Green Girls Global Blog.

Kate is the founder of GreenFinder, the green-pages style website which showcases an array of eco friendly products and services online and at green events throughout the U.K. She also organises green fairs in her home town, loves cycling and is passionate about downshifting and reclaimed fashion.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. jim jay says:

    You’re right to thank your Mum, after all there are so many things that we used to do habitually – but we seem to be having to relearn.

    Forget recycling, we seem to have lost the art of re-using which is far more environmentally friendly – but doesn’t fit well with the throw away society.

    Mind you – I can be terrible – no self discipline sometimes

  2. Anna says:

    Hey Kate,
    Long overdue to thank you for posting about this….your post lead to Treehugger picking it up, which was a major thrill for me! Will link to your site(s), just wanted to say gracias for spreading the word, you rock!

  3. Pascal says:

    C’est super! I know that site and the owner i fab! I do the same thing than you do. I even have a link of their site on ours. People, do what they say: it is easy and after a while, just a habit. reusable bags are cool AND cups too. Ah, yes, Kate: you rock! C’est vrai!

    A bientot…


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