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Clare is the founder of Veg Box Recipes, providing inspiration for seasonal food with recipes, ingredient guides, a veg box scheme search facility and much more. She is passionate about helping people figure out How To Feel Happier and loves sunny walks on the beach and in the forest around her home.

Is Veggie Gardening Going Far Enough?

Posted on 22 September 2009

Like many of us this summer, I’ve been experimenting with growing my own veggies. Despite a late start, due to moving house in May, we’re starting to get results. I’ve learned so much about the sheer tenacity of perennial weeds, the deepest meaning of “a weed seedling picked in time saves nine” and how exciting [...]

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Going Green – You Know Things Have Gone Too Far, When…

Posted on 09 September 2009

We’re here on Green Girls Global, so it’s a fair assumption that we’re into being green and doing our bit for the planet. We’re probably keen, enthusiastic to varying degrees, and generally interested in making a difference to the environment. But sometimes things can go a little bit too far. When you’re passionate about something, [...]

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Don’t Miss The Organic Food Festival on 12th / 13th September!

Posted on 03 September 2009

This year’s UK Organic Food Festival – now in its ninth year – looks set to be the biggest and best yet. Running on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September at Bristol Harbour, the festival will be the highlight of the Soil Association’s Organic Fortnight. The Organic Food Festival isn’t just about food, though. It’s [...]

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Organic Fortnight – 5th to 20th September 2009

Posted on 28 August 2009

Just in case we needed a nudge to get munching organic, the UK’s Soil Association’s Organic Fortnight is a good excuse. This year it starts on 5th September and there are more ways than ever to get involved. It’s a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of all things organic, so it’s not just about food [...]

Have You Ever Been ‘Courgetted’?

Posted on 20 August 2009

I had never grown courgettes before. For some reason, I thought they would be really tricky. People used to tell me about the manual pollination, training them over frames, staggering the harvest, stopping them from rotting. Quite frankly, it sounded too much like hard work. I decided to stick with easy stuff like runner beans [...]

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What Happened When I Broke My #1 Green Parenting Rule

Posted on 22 October 2008

Being a parent and trying to live ethically can mean you’re constantly stumbling across new dilemmas. Whether you’re checking ingredients in the shops, making decisions over Christmas presents or deciding how to wash your laundry, the choices seem endless. And the thing with wanting to be as green as we can is that those of [...]


Soil Association’s Organic Food Festival This Weekend

Posted on 06 September 2008

Bristol Harbour sees the return of the Soil Association’s Organic Food Festival this weekend, 6th & 7th September. And it’s about much more than just food! It’s Europe’s largest celebration of all things organic and kicks off this year’s Organic Fortnight. The festival is in its eigth year and this time there will be over [...]

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How To Be A Greener Consumer – Live Call On Sunday at 2pm

Posted on 02 September 2008

Whether you’re a die-hard green consumer or just dipping your toe in the water the check the temperature, we’ve got a treat for you on Sunday. Ever wanted to figure out whether muddy carrots are worth the bother? Can a natural deodorant survive a salsa class? Will clothes swapping ever beat clothes shopping? Two years [...]

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Zero Waste Week – Are you up for the challenge

Posted on 22 August 2008

The first week of September is zero waste week for Rachelle and her family in Gloucestershire. Since June, they’ve been working on reducing the amount they send to landfill and, in just 2 weeks’ time, they are going for the big fat zero. They started off throwing away about a kilo a week of rubbish [...]

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It’s time for chickens…

Posted on 16 July 2008

Maybe I’m nuts, but the boys (3 and 1!) and I have decided it’s time to get some chickens. As long as the landlord agrees! We’ve got plenty of space in the garden for them to cluck around and a stable that would keep them safe at night. We’ve even got friends who have offered [...]

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