A hand made statement

Posted on 29 October 2008

Influenced by the talented dressmakers and crafters that I meet at our Nottingham Stitched Up Group and The Textile Workshop I’m about to embark on ‘proper’ clothes making and creating my own accessories.

I’ve dabbled here and there, making few things that I do actually use, including a couple of bags, a bit of jewellery and a summer top but now’s the time to get serious. Why? Well for two reasons really. The first being that I love the idea of creating exactly what I want, something that expresses how I feel and actually fits me. The second reason is because making things myself means I can decide where I source the materials, doing it as sustainably as I can.

Hand made clothes and accessories

The thought of trying to learn the many many techniques that go into transforming fabric, beads, threads, buttons, yarns and zips into something that I would be seen outdoors wearing is both daunting and thrilling. I’m excited by the idea of one day being able to picture an item of clothing and then make it a reality. I don’t know whether I’ll be any good at turning my hand to this skill but I will start as I mean to go on. I want to conserve energy, reduce waste, support ethical manufactuers, be more independent AND be inspired.

So here is my hand made statement.

I can’t pretend that this is my idea, actually I’ve shamelessly pilfered it from one of my favourite blogs, Crafting a Green World. The timing was so right when I read their ‘A Green Crafting Manifesto‘ post that I decided to apply it to my clothes making (and crafting) plans. So here goes:

  • If I know how to make an item of clothing or accessory I will opt to do that before buying a similar brand new item.
  • I will always aim to use vintage, second hand and recycled materials first. As an alternative or where these are not available I will seek organic or fair trade fabrics, yarns etc.
  • Other than dowloading online patterns I will aim to use second hand paper patterns or books or loan these from the library or friends
  • I will continue to learn new skills and techniques and share these new found skills with others.

OK, a teeny-tiny step in the self-sufficiency direction. Watch this space for updates on how it goes!

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